The Wedding Dress You and I Have Always Dreamed About -by Diane of Stan Wiest Music (631) 754-0594


Imagine Yourself in’ a wedding dress that no one ever saw
before. A dress that is just “You”.

You’re probably thinking “Sure, but I can’t afford that!”
Well you can and several brides we have helped have done just
that and for $600 -$900.

It isn’t the usual saving money by looking for a bargain at
a discount bridal factory, making the dress yourself or having
some friend’s aunt who used to work for Bloomingdale’s in
alterations do your dress.

But it does take some time, a little perseverance and
schlepping (but no more than going from Bridal salon to
Bridal salon). It is not for everyone but it is fun and very
unique and can save you oodles of money.

You start with finding at an antique clothing store, a
second hand store or a hospital or charity Thrift shop an old
wedding dress made of real satin, silk, peau de soie etc. Never
mind it has a rip, stain or isn’t even close to the real size you
need. The style doesn’t matter either! What does matter is the
quality of the fabric.

We did a wedding dress quite recently. The original
dress was real silk satin made around 1885 – it still had the
hem made for a hoop. The hand beading down the long sleeves,
bodice and down the center front of the dress was exquisite.
There were a few small light stains and the size was all wrong.
However there was so much material in the original dress that

is was easy to let out, take in, add a train (that after the church
was buttoned to the back of the dress in four elegant folds so
that the skirt became a beautiful ball gown with lovely motion).
The wedding was a late winter wedding so the material was
great. It had turned ivory over the years, so we found ivory
tulle to create a veil and we hand-beaded it to match the dress

We also bought 2 yards of finest gauge ivory wool and
created a ruana for the 20 degree temperature.

The dress alterations were handled by a professional
tailor/seamstress (cost about $350) plus the dress was
purchased originally for $275 from an antique store.

The theme of the wedding was a Victorian wedding – The
groom wore a vested tuxedo, derby, carried a pearl handled
cane. It was just slightly hinted at rather than a costume look.
The flowers and attendants all were suitably attired with just a
hint of elegant Victoriana.

The dress could just as easily have been totally modern
made into a halter dress or even strapless ensemble – with a
bolero jacket.

One can start with an elegant silk slip dress or even
nightgown and by adding, gathering, etc. make a wedding
dress that everyone remembers, and most importantly you will
love because you dictated every nuance.

Again this is not for every bride. Bridal salons are
wonderful places to get a beautiful dress, the staff is friendly
and helpful.

This is a different approach, the fittings are at your
leisure and if you need five of six visits or more the seamstress
is available and only a phone call away. Remember you are not
ordering a dress – you are bringing the dress and simply
changing this or that, adding, subtracting, gathering, folding
etc. ,-

You need a professional tailor/seamstress who makes
clothing and does quality alterations – someone who is full
time and has been established for years in the same location.
The dress we had discussed earlier began alterations in
the week after Thanksgiving and was ready the second week
of February (three (3) ) months from start to finish).

The wedding for which we helped plan all the details was for two
hundred guests, a five hour reception ,church ceremony, eight
piece orchestra, harp at the church and strolling violins for the
cocktail hour. It was completely organized from Thanksgiving
week to the third week in December. Invitations were sent out
Christmas week. January and February all the bride and
groom did was relax, set up their new home, with the last
fittings of the wedding dress in January and February. No
Stress, Gorgeous Dress! A Fantastic Affair.
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