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STAN WIEST MUSIC is recommended in the current issue of  NEW YORK MAGAZINE –THE ESSENTIAL WEDDING GUIDE FALL WINTER 2016 ISSUE for the 9th year in a row

NEW YORK MAGAZINE “This agency provides an array of bands and DJs- think mariachis, steel-drum ensembles, strolling violinists, and musicians well versed in Persian and Greek music. It’s a favorite among Dixieland fans, sitar aficionados and bagpipe enthusiasts. The band and DJ combo packages are especially popular for weddings.”






Swing Music Dance Band / Orchestra  and Band/DJ Combination for weddings and  performances on Long Island, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Westchester.

Stan Wiest provided the music for the weddings of the Editors of Red Book, Cosmopolitan and Bridal Guide Magazines, as well as the Du Pont wedding and family member of the conductor Arturo Toscanini.

Stan Wiest played a Swing wedding for the female lead in the Broadway Musical “Jekyl and Hyde” and has performed many Great Gatsby, Great American Songbook, Swing and Ballroom Dance Music weddings and events.


Also available as BAND DJ COMBINATION for the best of all worlds

With the growing diversity required by brides and grooms a new trend is developing in wedding reception music.

The emergence of the BAND DJ ORCHESTRA COMBINATION on Long Island and in the New York area.
Many brides and grooms and their families seek the elegance and excitement of a live band. The wide appeal of the current club music also bring in the desire to hear the original artists. Rather than settling for one aspect (Band or DJ) brides and grooms are now looking at the BAND DJ Orchestra Combination.
Prior problems with having a Band and a separate DJ is that twice as much space is required. Also two completely different sound systems. The new BAND DJ ORCHESTRA combination has the DJ set up within the band – at NO EXTRA COST to the client.
A bride and groom can have the very latest music on the radio for their wedding (music that was just released that week) and still have the elegance and excitement of a live band performing for their wedding. This is also becoming a tremendous factor in mediating the differences in opinions between brides and grooms as well as between the future couples and their in-laws.
This now allows a bride and groom to stay within their music budget by contracting a 5, 6 or 7 piece band with the DJ set up included. The bride and groom can make up a list of every song to be played with the DJ set up.
Parents who want a band are now more willing to help out with the costs of the music. This now enables everyone attending the wedding to say “My kind of music was performed” regardless of the age group. No age group is excluded and it guaranteed a packed dance floor.
Catering establishments love the idea since it is not taking up any extra space designated to the performing area. Wedding planners and consultants love the idea because it gives them a tremendous flexibility in their proposals to clients. Everyone comes out a winner with this new trend.
One extremely importation additional benefit is that there is non stop music for the entire reception. No breaks. Guests can always be dancing when ever they want.
This is a superb idea for buffet receptions, tent weddings as well as traditional sit down wedding receptions.
Clients love the idea because it eliminates the complaint of “the music is taking a break”


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