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Monday, December 14th, 2015

This time of year I play many piano concerts that end with full audience sing alongs of Christmas and Holiday music. I usually invite about 10 people to join me at the piano (either on stage or at seating level depending on the piano position) to be the sing along leaders and select the songs to be sung. Last weekend at the Locust Valley Library I noticed two very young children in the front row who listened to the piano concert with full attention and were taking part in the sing along. I invited the two young children to join me at the piano to lead in two songs they knew such as Jingle Bells.At the end of the program the children wanted to talk to me to thank me for having them sing with me. Their mother said it made such a wonderful impact on the children to feature them in front of the entire audience.

This past weekend at the end of one of the concerts I played I invited the entire audience to join around the piano in the Christmas and Holiday sing along. There was a woman in a wheel chair in the front row who could not walk but wanted to be at the piano. She asked several people to help her walk to the piano and hold onto to her so she could sing along with everyone else. It was so emotional – my eyes were so watery that I did not think I would be able to continue. To be able to bring unplanned joy to someone and to children at this time of the year is what makes performing so magical and satisfying. I wish everyone a happy and rewarding holiday season.

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