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Saturday, January 31st, 2015

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I have always loved performing Jazz with excellent musicians. I recently had the honor of performing with a world class Jazz String Bass Player in Savannah Georgia for a birthday party at a private plantation. He knew every song I played – I never had to mention the keys I was playing in – and he followed all my arrangements beautifully. The guests asked me how many years we have been playing together and they were surprised to find out this was our first performance together. He was arranged by the client who flew me to Savannah to perform at his party.

The guests made comments such as “I have not heard that kind of piano playing in many years”. I was performing my arrangements of music of the Great American Songbook.

Many years ago I was the pianist in residence at the Carlton House Hotel and played all the major hotels and supper clubs in Manhattan featuring my jazz arrangements of the Great American Songbook. I had the honor of accompanying Irving Caesar (Georg Gershwin’s lyricist-wrote with Ira Gershwin) on tour. With the current resurgence of interest in Cole Porter, George Gershwin and the many great songwriters of that era I am back to traveling and performing concerts.

It is always a thrill to hear an audience totally quiet listening to the arrangements and being able to play requests on the spot. One concert at the Glove Performing Arts Center in Gloversville New York was to be a 2 hour concert. There were so many requests made during the intermission that the concert would up being 3 hours – just myself on the piano.

All this is thanks to my new piano CD   “Music To Drive By”  featuring my jazz and classical influenced arrangements of music of the Great American Songbook.

I want to thank the wonderful audiences in my concerts and private performances for being so enthusiastic. I am now back on the road – resuming a life style I left 30 years ago while maintaining my performing committments on Long Island and New York,

I hope you enjoy the piano CD “Music To Drive By”

as much as I enjoyed recording it.

STAN WIEST  (631) 754-0594


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