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Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

My piano concert at the Glove Theatre on November 2 was extremely emotional and wonderful . It was to be a 2 hour concert- turned into a 3 hour concert. The concert featured my personal arrangements of music of  The Great American Songbook

At the end of the concert an elderly woman in a wheel chair sitting at the front was brought to me. Her daughter said she was blind and had difficulty speaking  but loved the concert and  wanted to hold my hand. When she  held my hand she gave me a light squeeze and I almost lost it. My eyes were watery and I could not even speak.

The audience was totally silent during each selection and I added requests to the second half of the program. I closed the program with a full audience sing along from the Great American Songbook. At the very end one of the guests said she was a serviceman’s mom and would we close with everyone singing  “God Bless America”. It was a great way to close the program.


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