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Sunday, August 25th, 2013

The Piano CD “Music To Drive By” has lots of jazz inspiration throughout the album.  I was trained as a classical pianist and in college discovered Miles Davis, Oscar Peterson, Erroll Garner,The Three sounds and many great pianists and jazz musicians. I listened to “Kind Of Blue” by Miles Davis for many hours then spent hundreds of hours with Oscar Peterson albums.

While performing in the supper clubs in Manhattan’s East Side (The Apartment, Jilly’s, Gatsby’s) and hotels The Mermaid Room at the Park Sheraton Hotel, Carousel Lounge at the Sheraton West side, Carlton House Hotel on Madison Avenue  etc. I had the opportunity to become friends with  many great jazz musicians and spent days off visiting them perform at Birdland and other locations.

“Music To Drive By” has many improvised segments (influenced by jazz) as well as the elegant classical feel. I wanted to combine both elements to create an album that was different, would not be too much in any one direction and would interest a broad spectrum of tastes. It features the music of the Great American Songbook standards with my personal arrangements.

I want to thank Corey Adwar from the Observer, Dan Bubbeo and Gwen Young from Newsday, Bill Ackerbauer from the Leader Herald and Jeff Wilkin from the Daily Gazette for wonderful newspaper articles. I also want to thank the Huntington Book Revue for a wonderful CD signing on August 8.  The album is available at and sound clips from each selections can be heard at    by clicking on the the site on

“Not only is he a terrific pianist, but his choice of material is absolutely first rate- some truly

great songs, very well played”  PETER DUCHIN

Completing the recordings in eight hours was “a feat,” says Euphoria owner David Sokol, who was impressed by Wiest’s performance. “The man knows every tune, he knows music history,” Sokol says. “He’s a serious musician and ‘serious musician’ is the highest compliment I can pay . . . I’ve heard the greatest musicians in the world, and Stan is excellent.”

Dick Robinson, host of WHLI/1100 AM’s “American Standards by the Sea,” is also impressed by Wiest’s piano stylings. “His album is a nice reflection of the American Songbook,” he says. “I love that a song like ‘Night and Day’ is just piano. No trio, no big band, no singer. Stan does a wonderful job.”

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Music to Drive By Video

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Music to Drive By Video

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