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Wednesday, February 27th, 2013


I am a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants. I give seminars to wedding planners. Many questions come up in my meetings with brides as well as planners and I hope this article will answer some of the most common questions and concerns.


Regardless of the vendor or their area of service a bride should never forget that this is her wedding and she should never feel obligated to go along with anything that she is not comfortable with. Any vendor that you do not have an instant “ like” or level of comfort with – it does not get better. Any vendor that says “You have to, you must, you cannot” you should never use. It is not the vendor’s wedding – it is your wedding.

The vendors you select should have the approach of “how can I be of assistance to you, tell me your wishes and concerns”. When you meet with them they should not say “this is what I provide” but rather “tell me what you are and are not looking for”. They should make suggestions to help but should follow your wishes. Again this is not their wedding – it is your wedding.


Any vendor who does not return phone calls or inquiries immediately should not be used regardless of their reputation or services. If it takes several days for a vendor to return your calls – what are they going to be like when you really need them at the last minute before the wedding – and you will need them with unexpected situations.

There is no such thing as a problem free wedding. Every wedding has some type of glitches. You want to use vendors who will go one step beyond to ensure that whatever happens – the problems are solved without you every being aware of them. All your vendors should have the approach of working as a team for you.


Many brides wind up going well over budget and start out being married in debt. You should set a general budget for the entire wedding and then work out the budget in parts for each aspect of the wedding. Never let yourself be pushed into adding items that you really do not want or will be way out of budget.

The most important aspect of the day is your marriage. Next -guests will remember the food and the music. Everything else is secondary. You can trim many other areas.


For the bride on a budget having a string trio or duo instead of a string quartet will cut costs for a wedding ceremony. An excellent pianist, jazz duo or trio for the cocktail hour will add elegance. Many times one person wants a band and the other wants a DJ. Instead of having both a band and DJ you can have the Band/DJ Combination. A smaller band of 4, 5 or 6 pieces with the DJ set up within the band. This eliminates to space problem of one set up for a band and one set up for a DJ. It also cuts the cost factor. It gives non stop music and provides the music tastes for everyone involved.


This is probably the biggest area of concern I am constantly asked about. Speaking musically the ideal wedding has four elements regardless of Band or DJ

1) A Packed Dance Floor
2) Every guest- regardless of the age group says “they played my kind of music”
3) No one –including the oldest guest every says “I could not talk – it was so loud”
4) This is the most important aspect TOTAL ELIMINATION OF ALL STRESS FOR THE BRIDE

If all stress is eliminated for the bride – the groom will be a happy camper both in the planning stages and the day of the wedding.

Remember –THIS IS YOUR WEDDING -not the wedding of the photographer, band, DJ florist etc.


The safest way of guaranteeing the services you have arranged for is making sure every item, detail, service is written in contract. Do not assume anything will be provided that is not in writing. If at all possible do not pay balances until after the specific services are completed. This is a positive step that you will “get what you paid for”.
Avoid contracts that have clauses of eliminating services or vague terminology. You can change any contract to make sure you are comfortable with the terms.


In this economy weddings are extremely costly. After a bride arranges for her reception location she may find that the additional services, vendors etc. are out of reach due to the amounts of retainers being placed for each service within a short period of time.

Speak to your vendors and work out a payment plan for the retainers and make sure balances are paid at the end of the wedding.

The above information addresses many of the factors and questions I run into. I hope this was helpful
In approaching a “STRESS FREE WEDDING”


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