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Saturday, March 28th, 2015

BIG BAND SWING MUSIC – THE STAN WIEST ORCHESTRA featuring danceable Jazz and Swing . Available for performances Long Island,New York, New Jersey , Connecticut, Westchester and The Hamptons. STAN WIEST (631) 754-0594   email

New Jazz Piano CD Album “MUSIC TO DRIVE BY

Friday, March 27th, 2015

The Stan Wiest Trio performing Brazilian Bossa Nova  “Wave”  , Theme from “A Man And A Woman”   elegant piano music. Contact STAN WIEST (631) 754-0594  email   New Piano CD “MUSIC TO DRIVE BY”

Thursday, March 12th, 2015

Posted by Maggie and SeanI decided to use Stan Wiest Music and Entertainment for my wedding on Saturday March 17th. We had everything from a bagpiper, cellist, violinist to a DJ and NOTHING DISAPPOINTED! From beginning to end, everyone I dealt with was extremely professional and took the time to get everything perfect for our big day. If you’re looking for great musical entertainment and beautiful ceremony musicians, reach out to Stan Wiest. He’ll make sure you’re as happy as I am!
Maggie and Sean BOURNE MANSION Oakdale NY

Dear Stan,Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding so special. Thank you for choosing just the right DJ for us. You piano playing was so beautiful and set just the right tone for the cocktail hour. Thank you again for all your care.
Best Christine and Wesley Gore Coindre Hall Huntington NY
Hi Stan! Marc and I just wanted to let you know we had a fabulous time at our engagement party! DJ Ralph was great and everyone afterwards said he played a great mix of music. Marc and I wanted to now see what we needed to do to book DJ Ralph for our wedding as well as add on music for the cocktail hour. We want to make sure Ralph is our DJ next year.
Thanks again!

Dear Stan,
There are truly no words to describe how happy we were regarding the music played through out our wedding. Our guests were greeted with the beautiful sounds of strings, which continued through the ceremony for an elegant and classic feel. In addition, we were thrilled to have you on the piano during cocktail hour. You are an incredibly talented musician and we were impressed with each song we heard. As the night continued, we were very pleased with the songs played and enthusiasm shown by DJ Ralph. Many people say that music can make or break a wedding and we can safely say that the music you and your company provided made our wedding a truly joyous, fun, and memorable occasion. Thank you so much for helping make our wedding day the best day of our lives.
Thank you,
Marissa and Amit Rabinowitz – Bourne Mansion Oakdale NY

Dear Stan,
Jodi and I wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done. Our guests loved the trumpets, raved about DJ Ralph’s performance and adored the tone of the wedding, The day wouldn’t have been as enjoyable or memorable without all of your hard work. Thank you again.
With Love,
Gerard & Jodi Lennon – Timber Point Country Club – Great River NY


Hi George!
Thank you so much for being the DJ for the wedding! We got so many compliments on how great the music was and you had everyone dancing all night! Thank you for all of our help and being such an important part of making the day so memorable!
Frances Simowitz – Coindre Hall Huntington NY


Dear George and Stan,
We are finally settling back into a normal routine and wanted to thank you both for a fantastic evening. Stan, thank you so much for organizing fur us and sending us DJ George.

George, thank you so much for crafting a fabulous dance party. We loved getting to see the older generation get to party their way and then get to kick it up a notch for the rest of us.EVERYONE, all ages, enjoyed the music, As Stan promised, we believe you did an excellent job at reading the crowd. We also enjoyed listening to your CD’s on our honeymoon road trip through Iceland. Thanks so much for those.

We couldn’t have been happier with our entertainment for the evening and again, we had a blast. Thank you again.

All the best,
Jennifer and Vincent – Timber Point Country Club – Great River NY


“We used Stan Wiest as our DJ company since he was recommended by the hall and had great prices. He is a very professional musician and was easy to deal with. We were lucky to get Ralph as our DJ for the evening, and he was very good. His motto was that since we were paying him, he would do whatever we wanted, which is something any bride loves to hear! Ralph met with me beforehand to go over everything, and had no problem with my many phone calls with changes to the sets the week before the wedding. During the reception if my husband or I asked him the change anything the response was instantaneous. And he schmoozed with the guests really well, without constantly talking (which drives me crazy at some weddings)!”Ralph was the best and really made our wedding special.Thanks for everything,

Thank you George-
We are certainly a rowdy crowd and we love to dance. Everything was perfect! I hope you enjoyed the evening from your perspective?
PS -can’t wait for the video
Gianna and Eric Morrissey

Hi Stan,
Thank yoou for your wonderful performance on piano at our wedding ceremony and cocktail hour. It was just perfect. DJ George was great, and many of our guests commented that they really enjoyed the range of music he played for us. George was able to play all of our specific requests and kept people on the dance floor!
We will definitely think of you for any future events, and will be recommending you to friends and family!
Thanks again,
Jen and Charlie Galasso

Hi Stan, (DJ George)
I hope all is well. The music was amazing and the night was definitely everything we dreamed it would be. I can’t thank you enough for all your advice.
Danielle & Mike

BEST 2015 2 inches

Thursday, March 5th, 2015


At a recent piano concert I performed at the Glove Performing Arts Center in Gloversville New York I had a tremendous emotional experience. During the intermission I had so many requests from the guests that the concert wound up to be three hours instead of two hours. At the end of the concert I invited about 20 guests from the audience to join me in leading a full audience sing along of music from the Great American Songbook. I provided copies of the words for all the guests.

At the end of the concert an elderly woman who was seated up front in a wheel chair was wheeled to me by her daughter. The daughter said her mother was blind and had difficulty speaking because of a stroke. She said her mother loved my piano music and wanted to hold my hands. As she was holding my hands she kept giving me slight squeezes. It was such an incredibly emotional situation that it took a while before I was able to talk and my eyes were watery. It was an experience I will never forget being able to bring an afternoon of joy to that woman.

Sunday, March 1st, 2015



I was the pianist in residence at the Carlton House hotel in Manhattan for many months. Harry Helmsley, one of the world’s richest men, owned the Carlton House Hotel, the Empire State Building and half the properties in Manhattan.

Harry Helmsley would have dinner at the Carlton House Hotel five nights a week while I performed. Every night he would send a waiter to me with a list of 15 to 20 different songs he wanted to hear each night. Every night was a different list. This went on for nine months.

It was a week before Christmas and the Matre’D said that Harry Helmsley wanted me to join him at his table for my Christmas bonus. I thought this was it – my mortgage was being paid tonight. I sat at his table and Harry Helmsley thanked me for playing his specific 15 to 20 different songs five nights a week for nine months. He takes out his wallet and I am trying to think of the largest bill that is printed. He places a bill on the table – I look down and it is ONE DOLLAR. I was sure he made a mistake and just sat there.

He said he was a little short of cash that night but he was sending his advertising executive to see me the nest night with my Christmas Bonus. I went back to the piano and cannot remember anything I played that night.

The next night the advertising executive arrived and told me he had a gift from Harry Helmsley for my Christmas Bonus. He handed an envelope to me and said “open it – I want to see the look on your face when you see what is inside”. I was now sure this was my mortgage being paid.

I opened the envelope and there were 2 tickets to the Observation Deck of the Empire State Building. The advertising executive said “there is only one problem –the tickets expire in two weeks so you have to use them within two weeks”.

This was my Christmas Bonus from Harry Helmsley, one of the world’s richest men – a Dollar Bill and 2 tickets to the Empire State Building Observation Deck. STAN PIANO

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

In my piano concerts I tell humorous stories of celebrities I have performed with and for. This is a favorite


Many years ago I recorded for Roulette Records. The lawyer for Roulette records was having the opening night party at his Penthouse in Manhattan for Sammy Davis Jr. when he opened starring in “Golden Boy” The lawyer wanted me to lead a trio for the opening night party. He said Sammy Davis had a guest who was a hack piano player and would want to do a duet with me. He asked me to please bear with him.

The night of the party I was playing for about 1 ½ hours when the lawyer approached me and said “Sammy’s piano player friend just arrived and he wants to do a duet with you- please be kind to him”. The person joined me on the piano bench and I looked to my right and there was VICTOR BORGE – one of the world’s greatest pianists – he had his own television show nationwide. I felt about two inches tall.

Two weeks later I received a phone call from a client in Greenwich Connecticut (I was living on Long Island at the time) who wanted me to lead a trio at their pool at their Greenwich estate the following week. I asked for directions and they said they were sending a limo to pick me up. I was beyond impressed that someone was sending a limo to bring me to play at their party.

When I arrived at the mansion I was shown to the grand piano at the Olympic size pool – there was another grand piano at the other end of the pool. I asked about the other piano and was told to play at the one side only.

About an hour into the event (black tie cocktail party) Victor Borge arrives and says “You are the guy I did the duet with a few weeks ago- we are going to do another duet today. I am playing the grand piano at the other end of the pool”.

The pool was about 300 feet long and it would be almost impossible to hear the other piano. We started the duet and after two minutes Victor Borge stood up and yelled “You are not keeping up with me- you are too slow”. This caused a commotion with the guests.
He agreed to try again. I told my trio to play very softly.

We started again and after another two minutes Victor Borge stands up and starts yelling “You still are not keeping up with me – I am giving you only one more chance”. Now all the guests are watching us.

I told my musicians not to play-I would play as softly as possible to try to follow him.
We started again –another two minutes and Victor Borge starts screaming “I cannot put up with you any more”. Now all the guests are totally quiet and I am beyond mortified.

Victor Borge pushes the grand piano into the swimming pool and throws the piano bench into the swimming pool. In full tuxedo he jumps into the swimming pool, places the bench (under water) in front of the piano, sits on the bench and proceeds to play piano under water. Everyone was totally shocked.

Victor Borge climbed out of the pool – soaking wet – and told me I was the brunt of the joke he arranged with the client. He sat next to me and said “now we will continue the duet”. This was a typical Victor Borge prank – he was well known for his pranks on his television show.
STAN WIEST (631) 754-0594  email


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Thursday, February 26th, 2015


Now Playing Stan Wiest

Piano CD “Music To Drive By”


“My One And Only Love”

Throughout Europe


Radio Swiss Jazz has just started playing Stan Wiest piano CD “Music To Drive By” daily featuring “My One And Only Love” Album site  playing daily throughout Europe

PRLogFeb. 26, 2015NORTHPORT, N.Y.Radio Swiss Jazz has just started playing Stan Wiest piano CD “Music To Drive By” featuring “My One And Only Love”. Selections are being played twice daily next to recordings by Oscar Peterson, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Modern Jazz Quartet  and others.


We are delighted to inform you that we played your track Stan Wiest – My One And Only Love for the first time on Radio Swiss Jazz on 26.02.2015 at 02:47.

From now on it will be played regularly on our station, and will also be shown – along with all of the available details – in the playlist on our website: (
Website for “Music To Drive By” is

Contact STAN WIEST for performances at (631) 754-0594


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Saturday, February 21st, 2015

I am playing the grand piano at the Bourne Mansion Bridal Showcase Sunday January 22 from 2 PM to 5 PM. Diane will be at our table with videos, presentation and answering questions regarding our DJ MC packages, lighting, ceremony music,cocktail hour music, Band DJ Combination for receptions  and specialty entertainment from Photo Booths to Steel Drums. I will be playing everything from The Great American Songbook, to Jazz, Love Songs, Broadway Shows and everything else in between – als0 taking requests from guests.500 Montauk Highway Oakdale Long Island.


Friday, February 13th, 2015

BEST 2015 2 inches

Received THE BEST OF 2015 AWARD for wedding music from Long Island Brides. Covering DJ/ MC, Band /DJ Combination, Wedding Ceremony Music ,  Wedding Cocktail Hour Music and Wedding Reception Music ,

Information on all available entertainments at On the left side of the main page is a category list of all the music and entertainments – click onto any category for a complete webpage of information and music.

CD’s as well as MP3’s are available of all the performers.


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Saturday, January 31st, 2015

STAN WIEST CONTACT (631) 754-0594  email  stan@stanwiest.comSTAN PIANO

I have always loved performing Jazz with excellent musicians. I recently had the honor of performing with a world class Jazz String Bass Player in Savannah Georgia for a birthday party at a private plantation. He knew every song I played – I never had to mention the keys I was playing in – and he followed all my arrangements beautifully. The guests asked me how many years we have been playing together and they were surprised to find out this was our first performance together. He was arranged by the client who flew me to Savannah to perform at his party.

The guests made comments such as “I have not heard that kind of piano playing in many years”. I was performing my arrangements of music of the Great American Songbook.

Many years ago I was the pianist in residence at the Carlton House Hotel and played all the major hotels and supper clubs in Manhattan featuring my jazz arrangements of the Great American Songbook. I had the honor of accompanying Irving Caesar (Georg Gershwin’s lyricist-wrote with Ira Gershwin) on tour. With the current resurgence of interest in Cole Porter, George Gershwin and the many great songwriters of that era I am back to traveling and performing concerts.

It is always a thrill to hear an audience totally quiet listening to the arrangements and being able to play requests on the spot. One concert at the Glove Performing Arts Center in Gloversville New York was to be a 2 hour concert. There were so many requests made during the intermission that the concert would up being 3 hours – just myself on the piano.

All this is thanks to my new piano CD   “Music To Drive By”  featuring my jazz and classical influenced arrangements of music of the Great American Songbook.

I want to thank the wonderful audiences in my concerts and private performances for being so enthusiastic. I am now back on the road – resuming a life style I left 30 years ago while maintaining my performing comittments on Long Island and New York,

I hope you enjoy the piano CD “Music To Drive By”

as much as I enjoyed recording it.

STAN WIEST  (631) 754-0594